Empower individuals to create a healthy society


Work among lower segments of society to empower individuals by combining     Education and Skills, healthcare and provision of shelter


  • Contribute in the field of general education to improve literacy, increase number of children going to school and improve their retention in schools with focus on under developed areas.
  • Support needy students by providing for their school uniforms, stationery requirements, etc.
  • Enhance the quality of education in government schools in selected districts in coordination with district governments by addressing shortfalls in terms of infrastructure, number of teachers, provision of teaching aids, enhancement in teaching skills, curriculum planning and management, etc.
  • Arrange scholarships for deserving students.
  • Prepare the youth to actualize its potential for economic empowerment by combining education with development of technical and other skills including vocational training.
  • Provide consultancy and develop interface to enable the youth to take on self-employment / seek appropriate inland jobs as well as in foreign job markets.
  • Establish hostel facilities for both general education and skill development cadre students.
  • Provide consultancy, support and arrange symposia, seminars, lectures with regard to general education, technical education, skill development and their interfacing with the job markets.
  • Undertake such other charitable / philanthropic activities which would help communities in self-actualization and alleviation of human sufferings.

What we do:

  • Along with a team of fellow academicians, technology experts and recruitment operators, we are working towards leveling the playing field for all youth by providing them skills appropriate to their capacities. Through focused skill development and vocational training, we aim to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. Our program aims at preparing students for real life.
  • We endeavor to teach such innovative skills to the students which would open new opportunities for them in local communities, nearby cities, domestic industry and in the job markets abroad. Our mission includes making changes in our schools that are beneficial to the next generation. We aim at deepening school-business partnerships to enable the delivery of “21st-century skills” to all students. Empowering all students in this way is key to both breaking the cycles of poverty and investing in better communities.
  • Mostly, this doesn’t require us to build new schools, instead, it requires us to think creatively and take an innovative approach to reforming our existing schools. However, our plans include commissioning of a few state of the art ‘skill development institutes’ as well.