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Skills & Courses we Offer

COTTAGE Institute of Technology offers a range of courses focused
on the contemporary skills in demand in Pakistan and abroad. These include top IT based
courses like social media marketing, freelancing, content writing, website development
& graphic designing, fashion design & dress making,
beautician, hospitality skills, etc.

About CIT (Cottage Institute of Technology)

True to its vision, COTTAGE is the acronym for Cradle of Technological Training And General Education. CIT’s motto is ‘Empowerment through Education’. At CIT we believe that every individual who passes through CIT should become a useful member of the society and a breadwinner for the family. We create conditions for students’ academic and personal development by uniting high-level academic knowledge with practical application. In this global world, only by having a highly professional and open-minded education that incorporates a strong sense of ethics and responsibilities can one remain competitive. We integrate academic knowledge with technological and entrepreneurial skills to enable our students to rise to new challenges anywhere in the world, thus helping them to fulfill their true potential.

CIT considers it a number one priority that the students and staff, regardless of age or background, ethnical or otherwise, are encouraged to embark upon a voyage of lifelong learning and self-development through study, research and academic endeavor. This will lead to an improvement in the quality of life while contributing to the training of a more flexible and better prepared labor force.


The College is spread over 6 Canal (18000 sq ft) of land just 6km from Rawat on JAWA Road, Rawalpindi. A 3-story building: Main building (A block), which houses a Principal’s office, Administrative office, and advanced Computer Lab in terms of hardware and software. All the computers are equipped with updated software and technical aids to learn computer/IT related courses to hone critical and analytical skills, Science labs are equipped with the latest tools; Library is a hub of learning with a rich collection of books, Maker space, Wide Classrooms, and Staffroom. The ground adjacent to the college building is used for outdoor activities. The campus has sufficient leisure space for students.


After successful completion of short courses, CIT aims to provide jobs to their candidates.
Online platform (CIT Shop) for candidates to display and sell their products globally.
Internships offered to the successful candidates