About Cottage Trust

What is Cottage?

Who We Are

COTTAGE is the acronym for Cradle of Technological Training and General Education. COTTAGE Trust is a widely respected, one-of-a-kind educational Non-Profit Organization. It bridges the gap between underprivileged youth and high-quality education. We facilitate students by equipping them with the skillset needed to accomplish their career goals. COTTAGE Trust is working to educate and empower youth for years. We strive to fulfil the educational needs of students that let them prosper in their careers.

Our Raison D'être

It’s not enough to leave our youth with Matric and Intermediate certificates, which can neither
fetch a job nor qualify them to run their own businesses. We must impart some contemporary skill to every young
boy and girl; if they continue education, they would have a stronger foundation for innovation and creativity;
if they cannot pursue higher education, they must be able to earn living for their families.

Our Vision

"Empower the youth by combining Education and Skills"

Our vision is to let the students meet the level of education required to open the door to career opportunities. We are dedicated to making the future bright for everyone by providing them with the best skills that meet the industry requirement.

Our Mission

“To Shape Better Future by Fulfilling the Educational Need of Every Student”

We are on a mission to enlighten the career path of every student by facilitating them with a high-quality education. By sponsoring conferences, training, and scholarships, we step forward to create a bright future for the younger ones.

ceo of cottage trust

tariq gilani

about ceo

General Gilani served in Pakistan Army from 1979 to 2015. During his meritorious service in the Army, he commanded establishments from a regiment to a Corps. He retired as Chief of Logistics Staff of Pakistan Army in October 2015. Besides receiving top of the line military education over the years, he holds a Masters degree in War Studies from Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad and a Masters degree in Strategic Studies from Army War College, Carlisle, USA.


1- Contribute in the field of general education to improve literacy, increase number of children going to school and improve their retention in schools with focus on under developed areas

2- Prepare the youth to actualize their potential for economic empowerment by combining education with development of technical and other skills including vocational training

3- Provide consultancy and develop interface to enable the youth to take on self-employment or seek appropriate jobs in Pakistan as well as in foreign job markets

4- Advocacy on matters related to Education and Skill Development

Our Journey

1- Cradle of Technological Training And General Education (COTTAGE) was conceived and registered as a non-profit organization in October 2015.

2- COTTAGE started its work by adopting government schools in districts Bhakkar and Sialkot.  The adopted schools were assisted by provision of additional teachers and development of infrastructure.

3- Due to difficulties encountered in working with the education department, it was concluded to shift the focus on running own school.

4- First school named as The Tech School was opened in January 2017 in a rented and redesigned building near village Takht Pari, Tehsil & District Rawalpindi.

5- In line with our long term plans, another school was opened in January 2019 in a rented building near village Jawa, Tehsil Rawalpindi.

6- Next major step towards fulfilment of our plan was to develop a purpose built school and technology institute. Land was acquired near Rawat in 2021 and construction of the building for ‘COTTAGE Institute of Technology’ (CIT) is underway.

Our Board of Trustees

Meet our board of trustees.

Mrs. Uzma Nadeem Gilani

Chairperson COTTAGE Trust

Lt Gen Tariq Nadeem Gilani


Air Marshal Athar Hussain

Chairman Academic Committee

Maj Gen Iftikhar Ahmed

Chairman Welfare & Expansion Committee